How does Snapbrake work?

How does Snapbrake work?

“Minimizes the damage in work accidents”

SnapBrake is a domestic and patented product designed to prevent work accidents in the woodworking industry.



Especially in carpenters' hands, fingers and even arm breaks are prevented. It is an advanced technology product that enables us to prevent occupational accidents in other sectors.

During operation, the sawing machine or the metal parts of any machine automatically shuts down the system even if it makes small contact with the worker's body. Thus, it prevents the loss of limbs such as fingers, hands or arms.

This is a security method that is cheaper than treatment and compensation payments both in terms of occupational safety for the employee and for the employer.


It can be mounted on machines with zero production, as well as on old machines.


Our Snapbrake device provides the safety of the worker;

 * Currently used old-type boards are made to work safety machine compliance becomes.

* During the installation of your machine, such as balls, bearings, etc .. machine maintenance is done.

* At least 2 minutes when the machine is stopped. Braking system is added by stopping in 8 seconds with the device we will apply.

* Emergency braking time in case of accident is 2-3 microseconds.

* The machine's saw, side, top, bottom, in any case when the system is activated at the touch of the automatic stop is provided.

* If the existing machines pako switch is working, we have arranged them according to the current occupational safety law.

In addition, our SnapBrake Safety Device does not cause any damage to the structural and cutter area of ​​the machine or breakage or breakage of the cutter saw and bearings in case of accidental contact or contact with the machine.