As Berk Teknoenerji AŞ .strstrong>, we have designed a product that we have obtained domestic and international patents that we produce and which is not equivalent. This product prevents hand and finger ruptures in horizontal saws and press brakes used in the woodworking and metalworking industries. We also offer snapbrake security system for wood milling machines.

In order to expand the range of our products by analyzing the needs of the sector day by day, to introduce better in domestic and foreign markets, to appeal to more number of institutions and companies, and to take part in domestic and international fairs in order to expand the range of our customers, our company has the We will continue to serve you with all our devotion and R & D studies as we did yesterday.

"Minimizes damage in work accident."

To be a company that creates value for our employees and customers as the first choice of customers with our products, solutions, after-sales services, reliability and high business ethics. Making quality a lifestyle, To defend the rights of the consumer and to respect the nature and humanity in our company and our products.
We produce all the products and services we provide in Turkey continued to be the best company in the world to set an example. To be a world brand with reference to quality.
Berk Teknoenerji AŞ has adopted the principle of being among the most reliable and preferable companies in its sector and develops and updates its management and quality policy in this direction.
According to our Quality Policy;
To fully meet the expectations of our customers, to increase the competitiveness and development power of our company.
Management sets goals and plans for the implementation and development of quality policies and provides the necessary support.
“QUALITY” is a lifestyle. “QUALITY” is designed, produced, controlled and developed. “QUALITY ır is provided and maintained with the voluntary support and awareness of responsibility of all employees. We work in a team spirit to achieve company and department goals.
Our goal in manufacturing is mak Making Right at First Time ”and“ Zero Defect ”. The timely, complete and problem-free production and delivery of the products that we manufacture and after-sales service is an indispensable principle. The timely and perfect delivery of Technical Support and Service Services is an indispensable part of our İTE QUALITY ”understanding.
We ensure that our business partners, suppliers and auxiliary industrialists participate in our quality process through publicity, training and supervision, and we try to make all our business processes more efficient and more efficient.